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Black-Head-Be-Gone Facial

  • 1 h
  • 100 US dollars
  • 112th Avenue Northeast

Service Description

What are Blackheads? Blackheads are called Open Comedones. Open Comedones are tiny skin opening known as pore which is plugged at the surface of what is called the pilosebaceous unit. This plug is made-up of sebum (oil) and dirt, and has an open top so you can look into it which makes it appear black.   Unfortunately, they are just a little more visible on some of us than others. The appearance of blackheads varies based on age, skin care regimen, hormone status and heredity.  People with very obvious blackheads are usually teenagers but even the elderly can suffer from them.  Everyone can have great skin if they are shown what works best for their skin type, and if they start using products that work for their skin type, that will bring out the best skin they can have. Taking care of you from the inside, will bring out your best on the outside, showing you that less is better. If you are suffering from blackheads, help is here. There are many products in the market that claim to banish blackheads, but which method really works best? (At this moment, you may be thinking you already know the most obvious and fastest way to get rid of them, and that is to just extract them with your fingers, but No!  Don’t do that, we have over ten years experience with all skin types that have had blackheads. We would like to show you the best way to get rid of black heads. Come in and try our BLACK HEAD BE GONE FACIAL. We will offer a 10 min free skin consultation to determine if you need our help. BACK HEAD BE GONE FACIAL is good for all skin types with black heads. It is safe as we customized our products and technique to work with each skin type. Year, after year  we have experience excellent results, and feedback from our clients First we analyse your skin, your home skincare products and your skincare routine. Then we start cleansing your skin with steam, followed by a black head removal cleanser with a strength that is designed for your skin type. This is then followed by a mini-microderm, and a quick cleanse, followed by the application of our special customized organic herbs, which is massaged into your skin for 15 minutes to help release the black heads easily to the surface.  Subsequent to this, is blackhead extraction if need be. Finally, we use a finishing mask to close your pores and a finishing serum to heal, tightens and rejuvenate your skin.

Contact Details

  • 2025 112th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004, USA

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